Recommended reading on Russia/Ukraine

In light of current events and tragedies in Ukraine, we have curated a list on our store covering literature and history titles for those who wish to learn more about this region and its cultures. Click here to see our reading recommendations.

We have also identified an opportunity for people to pitch-in, book-wise, to make the situation better for Ukrainian refugees. Poland’s Universal Reading Foundation has organized a fundraiser to buy and send Ukrainian children's books to refugee children. Read about the fundraiser at Publishers Weekly, and learn how to donate on the Foundation's website.

The photo we include here was captioned as follows when it appeared in The Washington Post: "Volunteers tie pieces of fabric while making camouflage nets at the Ivanychuk Library in Lviv, Ukraine, on March 1." Taken by Ethan Swope for Bloomberg News.

Sláva Ukrayíni!